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How to Drink Callisto_

February 15, 2021

Neat, On the Rocks, or in a Cocktail: Why Callisto Botanical Rum is the Most Versatile Rum Out There


Over the years, traditional rum has gained the reputation of being a sweet, cheap spirit. One that is often associated with the reminiscent fond memories of college parties or tropical Spring Break trips. When we were dreaming of what it would be like to drink Callisto, we envisioned not only what it would take to redefine the expectation of rum and the rum experience, but also how to inspire rum drinkers to make their mark on the world.


At Callisto, we want our rum to evoke the same feelings of camaraderie and excitement. To do that, we chose to stray away from tradition and create a new, innovative, and bold take on rum. Callisto is considered to be a Botanical Rum, which varies from traditional rum in many ways. Inspired by the innovative spirit of California, infuses it’s bespoke blend of rum with locally sourced Californian botanicals to enhance the complex flavor of rum. The resulting spirit is a botanical rum with California’s signature Dry taste: dry, floral and smooth.


It not only differs in how it’s made, but also how it’s savored. On the rocks or in one of your favorite cocktails, your next adventure begins with us! Here are a few ways for you to enjoy Callisto, so that you can start creating your next great moment.


Neat / On The Rocks


Sipping spirits straight is the best way to fully grasp the aroma, taste, and finish of any spirit. Sipping spirits on the rocks will impart water molecules which will lower the proof, oftentimes allowing the spirit to “open up,” and release different complexities. We recommend trying Callisto both ways! You can’t go wrong with either approach – just trust your intuition when deciding which method you prefer.


Once you’ve taken your first sip, let the Callisto sit on your tongue for a moment and exhale through your nose. This allows your palate to acclimate to Callisto’s proof and flavor profile, while releasing any excess ethanol (which causes the burning sensation you’ve felt when shooting shots.) If you’re feeling brave, roll the Callisto around your mouth to cover each type of taste bud. When you’re ready, swallow, relax, and enjoy the flavors of the perfect botanical blend exploring your palate.


We unfortunately can’t spill the details on our recipe and perfect blend of botanicals, but we pull inspiration from such California natives like nettle, huckleberry, bay leaf, and rosemary. Our blend of botanics creates a dry, floral, and smooth taste to heighten your rum experience.




One of the funnest ways to explore the complexities of Callisto is to use it in one of your favorite cocktails. If you’re making your own cocktails at home, we recommend choosing recipes that already have some underlying botanical flavors already in place. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Callisto Negroni (A.K.A the Calligroni)
    • This bitter, floral classic cocktail typically calls for gin as the base spirit. We like to substitute the gin for 1 oz. of Callisto Botanical Rum. Then add 1 oz. of Campari and 1 oz. of Sweet Vermouth. Each of those spirits have their own unique blend of botanicals – you’ll be amazed at how they deliciously melt together.
  • Callisto Mojito
    • We all know that the Mojito is the quintessential rum cocktail. It’s refreshing, delicious, and both easy to make and sip. And honestly, it’s one of our favorite cocktails to show off how much Callisto can enhance a cocktail’s flavor. When you replace your traditional rum with Callisto, you’re introducing a whole new layer of flavor without any additional ingredients. You will be amazed at how the botanicals, herbs, and fruits add vibrance, depth, and freshness to your Mojito.


There are endless ways to drink botanical rum. It’s so much more versatile and exciting than traditional rum. Why stop at traditional rum? Try substituting your next vodka or gin cocktail with Callisto. Ask any bartender — experimenting with new spirits is half the fun of bartending! You’ll find your favorite method of drinking Callisto in no time. It will become a staple spirit in your home bar.


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