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  • What is Callisto?
    Callisto is the first and only botanical rum infused with the spirit and taste of California – a pioneering spirit setting out to change the perception of rum for a new generation of spirits drinkers.
  • How can Callisto have 0% sugar when rum is made from sugarcane?
    It is a common misconception that rum naturally has sugar given that sugarcane is the primary ingredient for all rums. However, similar to other spirits, the sugar gets lost in the distillation process.
    To make rum, molasses or sugarcane juice, both of which are derived from sugarcane, is fermented with yeast to allow alcohols to develop. This ‘mash’ is then heated in a still so that the ethanol and other flavors (esters) can be separated from the undesirable components of the mash, including the remaining sugar. This distillation process is done twice and ensures that there is no sugar in the final product.
  • What is botanical rum?
    Unlike traditional rum, which is traditionally infused with spices, botanical rum gets its unique flavor profile from natural botanicals.
  • What are botanicals?
    Botanicals are substances obtained from plants that impart a specific scent, flavor, and/or color. Callisto gets its signature flavor by putting a refreshing twist on a centuries-old tradition – infusing its bespoke white rum blend with a proprietary infusion of locally-sourced Californian botanicals (including rosemary, lavender, burdock root, and cherry bark).
  • What does Callisto taste like?
     Dry, floral, and smooth. Hints of the botanicals come through for a pleasant and refreshing flavor profile that will completely change how you think about rum.
  • How do I drink Callisto?
    Callisto is an extremely versatile spirit and can be drunk on its own, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. We recommend sipping Callisto to experience our unique flavor before mixing it with your favorite mixers. Learn more about our signature cocktails here 
  • Are the botanicals in Callisto organic?
  • Where can I find Callisto?
    Callisto in multiple states online. Locally, you can check here to find out if we are at a store or bar closeby.
  • Is Callisto sweetened?
    No – Callisto is not sweetened with sugar or any other sweeteners. 
  • Is Callisto Vegan/Gluten free?
    Yes. Callisto is Vegan and gluten free.
  • What payment method can I use?
    You can purchase Callisto online with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery cards and Paypal.
  • Who do I contact for partnerships and events?