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Callisto Blog Topics

February 15, 2021

Informative – These topics can be a good place to tell brand stories that you need to tell or provide more detailed information about the product that you can’t do in the “About” section.


  • Botanical Rum vs. Traditional Rum (white, spiced, gold, etc.)
  • Rum vs. other spirits
  • History of Rum
  • Q&A with Giles


Lifestyle – Lifestyle blog posts can be good for brand awareness and provide credibility and relatability to your brand beyond rum. It can be a great way to create alternate content to share across all social channels.


  • How to Build the Perfect Home Bar
  • Essentials to Have in Every Home Bar
  • Growing Your Own Botanicals at Home (Combine with the apartment one, for apartment-friendly botanicals too)
  • Unforgettable Road Trips in California
  • 6 Favorite Bay Area Distilleries —>
  • Food that Pairs Perfectly with Callisto
  • Beyond the Tiki Drink: Sophisticated Rum Cocktails
  • Where to find different native botanicals in California
  • How versatile Callisto is e.g. not just rum cocktails but used a substitute for other spirits
  • Interview bartenders in California (might look to Rachel to help with this one if there is a potential influencer tie-in.
  • Iconic places in Cali
  • Customer testimonials/ interview customers trying Callisto for the first time
  • Activities that you can drink Callisto with?
  • Feature our partners that we work with (currently in the works) e.g. Lo-fi, Avec, etc.


Recipes – you have the recipes on your site, but they are photos of the recipes. I could be beneficial to group recipes and create “stories” around them to help with SEO. The recipes should be “searchable”.


  • Fall Cocktails
  • Tropical Cocktails
  • Winter Cocktails
  • Three-Ingredient Cocktails
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Cocktails.
  • Batch Cocktails
  • Traditional Rum Cocktails vs. Cocktails with a Modern Twist (What makes your cocktail recipes modern?)
  • Californian Cocktails
  • NorCal vs. SoCal Cocktails



Blog Schedule – Right now we have 2 blogs per month allotted (4 hours). Here are my thoughts, please feel free to provide input!




  • Botanical Rum vs. Traditional Rum (white, spiced, gold, etc.)
  • Beyond the Tiki Drink: Sophisticated Rum Cocktails




  • Fall Cocktails
  • 5 Essentials for Every Home Bar: On A Budget




  • NorCal vs. SoCal Cocktails
  • Holiday Buying Guide for the Rum Lover


Im not sure about this > are we showing competitors? Or just using it to get people to come to Callisto website? We cant really name ourselves coz we arent a distillery


With this, I was looking at it more abstract and thinking of how Callisto can provide valuable “lifestyle” information about the Bay. While you’re not a distillery people might search “Bay Area Distilleries” and you will come up and bring people to the site and you’re telling them about Callisto and others. We can include Breweries too if you don’t want it to be to competitor focused?